Monday, 27 May 2013


We often roam around trying to find peace, trying to find happiness, trying to fill this big void that is in our lives or have been left. Out of desperation, we end falling into disaster in search of true happiness, love and peace. How sad we sometimes find ourselves as we even end up making fools of ourselves and end up breaking down and crying

Be still, don’t move, look up to heaven because God provides absolute happiness, peace and love that we desire. If you make the Most High God your dwelling, your life will change so much and you will experience peace that you have long wanted.
How useless is it sometimes trying to find peace in all wrong places? We try finding it in our girlfriends/boyfriends, friends and even through our families but end up realising that instead of them filling the void in our lives, they makes that hole even bigger and bigger.
How mightily is God Almighty who knows your heart, life and how much you want peace? True peace is not found in people but it is Jesus who is the ultimate provider of peace we desperately need in our lives.

Stop looking for happiness and peace in wrong places, this world doesn't have peace on its own, so how will it gives you peace if it doesn't have peace on itself?  Why waste your time, money and even resources trying to fill the hole in your life that God can feel in seconds? What takes you hours, years or a lifetime can be filled by God in seconds!!

God created us out of his own image, he knows our lives more than ourselves, he knows everything about us, and from the number of our hair to the tip of your toes he knows everything. You might have cried, had problems or had your heart broken in so many pieces that it may seem hard to put it together again.

Do not despair, call on Jesus, make God the Most High your dwelling place and see how peaceful your life will be, how problem free you will be, you will be filled with happiness, love and peace. You won’t have any void in your life because those in the LORD experience true happiness.

Forget about the world, make God your dwelling place, your resting place, and give your life to Jesus because True Peace comes from Jesus. He is the source of True peace.

To God be The Glory
By Teboho Masakala

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